When Mother Nature is in charge...

Of course, living in Hawaii we can count on nearly 300+ days of sunshine a year but there are times when we get flutters of rain showers on a frequent basis. We also get tropical storms and hurricanes, if you are scheduled on the books, rest assured I will constantly be watching the weather for you the day of your session booking. I will keep you informed if something doesn't look "right" but chances are slim we will have to re book, Most rain is "fly by" and fleeting! I also have rain dates on the books just for reschedules but rarely need to use them, if at all.

On the day of your session, I will reconfirm weather conditions if something looks "off", most of the time this isn't an issue, unless we have torrential downpours. Often, afternoons clear and the sun comes out to brighten things up. If seas are rough, we are stay on the dry sand and near forest or shrubs, clear of incoming waves.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life, by holding it still.”